I write data-driven copy, editorial content, marketing materials and interface copy

Clear content that’s helpful and useful.
Delightful digital products that people love and find value in. 
Making the internet a better place to be 🙂

✔️ Website copy + microcopy 
✔️ In-app text 
✔️ How-to guides
(see GitLab’s Remote Playbook)
✔️ Marketing materials
: blogs, articles and interviews 
✔️ Email newsletters 
✔️ AI-powered copy (meet my Butler, Jarvis) – jaw-dropping content in 1/10th the time using the power of AI.
✔️ Education and mentoring: A second brain. How strong is your courage muscle? 

How I work: Remotely from my studio in St Leonards and at co-working spaces. I’m happy to visit clients on-site/team days. 

What I charge: I prefer to quote a fixed price for projects so you know what you’re paying for upfront. For creative agencies: £400 per day, half-day: £200, hourly: £60, contract roles by arrangement. See recommended industry rates here

I’m insured by Hiscox and a member of ProCopywriters, Hoxby, National Union of Journalists, House of Beautiful Business, Ness Labs, UX Writers Collective, the RSA, and Trouble Club. 

Need further help? The Freelance Squad can help with design, photography, events, digital marketing and more. I work on projects with Perspective Marketing & Design

Helping you win the day! 🚀 💫

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